How to Unlock you IPhone with FaceID with Mask On?

If you have an iPhone, you know your phone could not recognize you with a mask on. This was a big drawback of FaceID when compared to Touch ID. Apple’s FaceID scans the full face for analysis and authentication. Therefore, when you had to buy something using Apple Pay, you had to go through a long-winded process.

When it has become the new normal to step out wearing facemasks, it must have been frustrating for you to be unable to unlock your phone easily despite owning an iPhone. You either had to use your pin or remove your mask. 

Apple has come up with a solution that no longer requires you to remove your mask or use your passcode. If you have an iPhone 12 or later with iOS 15.4 installed, you can unlock your iPhone with FaceID with a mask on. With the face ID with mask iPhone, Apple has addressed the pain point of its users.

What is iPhone FaceID?

guy unlocking phone with faceid

Apple started integrating the Face ID system when it launched the iPhone X in 2017. It is a system that helps in recognizing and authenticating your identity. This is the first security step to unlock your iPhone or authorize payments on it. 

FaceID is probably the safest way to protect your information. It is now available on both iPhones and iPad Pro. This is the second revolutionary use of advanced technology after the Touch ID and works similarly. However, in place of scanning a fingerprint, FaceID uses facial recognition. Therefore, the key to unlocking your phone is a close-up of your face.

After introducing the FaceID feature, Apple removed its fingerprint reader and the Home button. The facial-recognition technology works by using a TrueDepth camera system. An iPhone uses sensors, a dot projector, and cameras to form your face’s 3D map. 

Thus, whenever you look at your mobile, FaceID conducts a secure ID check. Only after the authentication does the phone unlocks, allowing you to use it for purposes like making authorized payment and everything else.

What are the requirements to set up FaceID with a mask?


To set up FaceID with a mask, all you need is an iPhone 12 or a later model. It only works on ‌iPhone 12‌, iPhone 12 mini, ‌iPhone 12‌ Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. It also works on iPhone13 models like iPhone 13‌, ‌iPhone 13‌ mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and ‌iPhone 13 Pro‌ Max. Face ID with Mask is not available on iPads.

Also, the Apple device must have the new iOS 15.4 face ID with a mask software update. Therefore, setting up this technology is the easiest on iPhone 12 and newer models. With this update, you can also unlock your iPhone using FaceID, if you have an Apple Watch. And the watch needs to run on Watch OS 7.4. 

How do I set up FaceID with a mask?


With FaceID, you can unlock your phone when you have a mask or any partial covering of your face. Your iPhone will use the new technology to scan the area around your eyes for unique characteristics. It will still be able to authenticate your ID and unlock your phone and also allow you to use Apple Pay.

This is how to set up FaceID with a mask:

  • First, ensure that you have the latest software update, iOS 15.4 on your iPhone. If not, install the update. 
  • Second, go to your phone’s Settings and tap on ‘Face ID & Passcode’.
  • Third, scroll down to turn the ‘Face ID with a Mask’ using the toggle button.
  • Next, tap on the ‘Use Face ID with a Mask’ prompt. Then follow the instructions on your screen to set up the FaceID with a mask. 

It will be alike the face scanning you did while setting up FaceID for the first time. This time your eyes and the surrounding area will be scanned, so there is no need of wearing a mask. There will be no attempt at full facial recognition. The eyes should remain unblocked. The unique features around your eye area will be used for authentication.

When you see the circle on the screen, adjust and place your face in its middle. Then, keep rotating your head at a slow face to fill the indicators on it. The scanner will also scan your face again. This time, it will collect more data from the upper part of your face and the area surrounding your eyes.

Also, if you wear spectacles, you need to revisit the Face ID & Passcode page and turn on ‘Add Glasses’, and follow the screen instructions. Now you have to save the images of your glasses by scanning every pair of glasses that you wear. Otherwise, Face ID won't recognize a glass if it doesn’t get scanned during the setup process. But, you won’t be able to add more than 4 pairs. Furthermore, FaceID does not recognize sunglasses. 

Setting up FaceID with your maks on is such a straightforward task. So, don't forget to get yourself a KN95 mask in Singapore today.

Things to be aware of with FaceID


When we say be aware of, we mean things that you should know about FaceID. For instance, how safe is it?

It is almost impossible to hack your FaceID. It is a remarkably strong authentication process that will protect your phone from malicious attacks. FaceID is an extremely secure biometric security system.

But, some providers make it mandatory for a password and FaceID pairing. Therefore, there remains a security concern because of weak passwords even on such FaceID with mask-compatible devices. However, your iPhone protects your sensitive data most safely. And, its FaceID system does not need a password. Thus, any surreptitious attempt at biometric security will not work.

Other things which are great to know are:

  • FaceID is not advisable for kids.
  • The system updates to record gradual changes in a face.
  • No two person can register their face on the same device.
  • The ‘Require Attention’ features help prevent unlocking your phone when you are unaware.
  • Face ID data is stored on the secure enclave chip.
  • When using Apple Pay, you have to double-click the side button before using FaceID.

Why is setting up FaceID with a mask convenient?

Since the Covid pandemic hit the world in 2020, there is hardly any human being who did not wear a 3-ply surgical mask or any other protective masks. With the availability of the KF94 masks, Singapore offered multiple choices for its citizens. These masks by Wistech especially were lifesavers for people in the Asia-Pacific region. 

But as people covered up with masks, the iPhone users realized that their phone’s FaceID system wasn’t working. Thankfully, with its new iOS update, Apple has rolled out the Face ID with Mask. Therefore, now iPhone users can easily unlock their phones even when they are wearing a mask, and/or glasses too. The iPhone face id with a mask is a very helpful feature. Because as we understand, it is wiser to keep wearing masks when we head out.


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