Post-Covid Effects on your Mental Health

The Covid pandemic has had a severe impact on the lives of people. After its physical effects, there are many effects the pandemic has had on mental health. People who were Covid-infected have suffered from mental health issues after the pandemic.


We look at the challenges faced in dealing with mental health issues after the pandemic. The guide looks at how these challenges can be handled to ensure better mental health.


How does the pandemic affect your mental health and lifestyle?

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To know the answer to the question, how does the pandemic affect your mental health and lifestyle we need to understand what the virus does to your body. The Coronavirus not only affects the body but also impacts the mind. People who were infected with Covid have had their mental health severely affected due to the disease.


Mental health statistics post-Covid reveal that 1 out of every 3 persons who had Covid suffered from mental health problems. The problems include anxiety, depression, sleep issues, stroke, brain haemorrhage, and even dementia. The study results show the following findings:


  • 6.5% to 63% of those who had mental health issues reported anxiety disorders.
  • 4% to 31% suffered from depression.
  • PTSD or Post-traumatic stress disorder was experienced by 12.1% to 46.9% of those affected.
  • Around 7% had problems related to substance abuse.
  • 2.1% had an ischemic stroke.


All these statistics show how serious the pandemic has been. The distressing aspect was that most of these disorders were chronic. This means it is not a one-time issue but can recur. There is a need to address this issue and ensure people get proper treatment.


What are the challenges faced when dealing with mental health issues?

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1) Determining your moods and feelings

Identifying your feelings can be challenging. You need to ask yourself why you are experiencing certain feelings and changes in your moods. Try to identify what triggers these feelings or mood changes. This can help you avoid such triggers in the future.


If required, write them down in a notebook. When you seek professional help, these notes will help you to explain your issues to the counselor. Understanding your feelings will help you diminish their intensity. It will help you handle these challenges better.


2) Maintaining a healthy routine

Everyone would look to maintain a healthy routine, but sadly it may not be possible for people suffering from mental health issues. They may feel depressed and end up tensed most of the time.


These issues can prevent them from following a healthy routine. They may not be able to get sufficient physical activity or focus on improving their health. In such a situation, they must get help from others. Make yourself and your health routine a priority.


3) Dealing with expectations from others

Other people would have expectations from you. These could be your family members, friends, colleagues, and bosses. Managing their expectations could be difficult. You could end up becoming overwhelmed trying to deal with expectations.


You mustn't allow yourself to come under pressure due to the expectation of others. Talk to others, so all the expectations are clarified. That will ensure you don’t come under pressure.


4) Expressing yourself to others

Expressing or sharing your feelings and thoughts with others can be an issue. If you want to handle this challenge, then the first thing is to understand your feelings. The first thing is to acknowledge your feelings, thoughts, and emotions.


You can then express them to others by communicating with them. Express yourself by communicating clearly with others, so there is no confusion or misunderstanding. Never hesitate to express yourself. Not doing so can cause problems later.


5) Worrying about the recurrence of your mental health issue

People who suffer from mental health issues due to Covid always tend to worry about the recurrence of their problems. They worry about getting a second Covid infection. They also tend to worry about the increase or aggravation of their symptoms. This constant worrying can affect their health.


The best way to handle this challenge is to keep healthy and follow a healthy lifestyle. This will help you safeguard your health. Stop worrying and have a positive outlook. Where required, get help from a mental health professional, so you can feel reassured about your health.


Recommendations on how to maintain your mental health after the pandemic


1) Seek comfort from family and friends

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When you suffer from post-Covid anxiety and depression, you must take the help of family and friends. Don’t try to handle all issues by yourself. Your loved ones are there to help you. Just talking with them and hearing their reassuring words can make you feel better.


Make sure you seek their comfort and support. Remember, they are always there for you and are concerned about you. Reach out to them, so they stand by you during difficult times when you need them the most.


2) Motivate yourself to pursue a healthier lifestyle

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A healthier lifestyle can help you improve both your mental and physical health. Some measures to take include:


  • Be physically active, try to get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week.
  • Eat healthy food by following a balanced diet. Avoid eating junk food or unhealthy food that aggravates your health issues.
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking, and drugs as they can seriously worsen your situation.
  • Get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep, so you can be refreshed.
  • Keep yourself busy, so negative thoughts can be avoided. Think and be positive at all times.
  • Practice meditation or Yoga to improve your mental health and be more resilient.
  • Protect yourself from being infected by wearing a 3-ply surgical mask whenever you go outside.


3) Protect yourself from negative environments

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It is important to protect yourself from a negative environment. Avoid stressful situations that make you anxious. Try to spend more time with positive people to avoid negative issues. Avoid arguments and conflicts. Be cool and composed and practice deep breathing if you feel anxious.


When you go to places where there are many people, wear a good quality KN95 mask or KN94 mask to be secure. Apart from Covid, there are other viruses in the air. It is vital to take care of your health. Getting infected again can create complications, so always wear a good quality mask to be safe and secure.


4) Attend counselling for professional help


If your mental health issues are difficult to handle by yourself, then get professional help. Contact your doctor or a mental health professional, so they can direct you to a therapist. You may need counselling sessions to help you cope with your mental health issues.


A good counselor can offer therapy to help you handle the challenges you are facing. The counselling will help in improving your mental health and making you feel better. Never ignore your mental health issues as they can turn serious in the future. Counselors and therapists are there to help you, so take their support.


5) Make yourself a priority

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Make your health a priority. Family, work, and other issues can become overwhelming. In the process, you may end up with your health being affected. It is only you who can take the best care of yourself. Little things like adding a reed diffuser to your room or home, could elevate your spirit.


Make yourself a priority and ensure you understand your needs. Be physically and mentally healthy. Take care of your body and mind, so your mental health is in good condition.



This guide explained all about post-Covid mental health issues faced by most people. You must get timely post-Covid anxiety and depression treatment. The best treatment option is to get professional help. If you are facing mental health challenges, then get in touch with a mental health professional, so you can work on getting back to normalcy.


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