Do You Know: The Importance of Wearing Face Masks during COVID-19 and Tips on Choosing the Right Face Mask

The world is slowly recovering from the pandemic which changed everything. Thanks to the efforts of everyone – citizens, medical professionals, and state officials - COVID-19 have been brought under control. But the battle is not completely over.


To continue the fight against COVID-19, it is important to continue taking precautions. One of the best things you can do to prevent the virus is to wear a face mask. If you are Covid positive in Singapore, you should don a mask to prevent spreading it to others.


How well do face masks protect against COVID-19?

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There is a reason why doctors, scientists, and governments around the world are encouraging people to wear masks. They do protect you against COVID-19. Please remember that it is not only your health that is at risk. By exposing yourself to the coronavirus, you are putting those around you at risk as well because this virus is highly contagious.


However, face masks alone may offer fewer benefits than say a comprehensive approach toward COVID-19 protection. To effectively combat the virus, you must sanitise your hands, get vaccinated and maintain social distancing in crowded public spaces. Even if you have received your vaccination, CDC (U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends wearing a mask when venturing out of your home.


When it comes to how face masks stop the spread of COVID-19, it boils down to the type of mask in use. For instance, a level 1 surgical mask prevents the wearer from coming into contact with germ-laden sprays or droplets. A surgical or medical mask also filters large-sized particles present in the air when you breathe through it.


Then you have KN95 masks which filter both large and small particles out from the air. This means even smaller contagions will not be able to enter your body. A good option for KN95 mask Singapore is available at Wistech.


Why should you ditch your cloth face mask for a 3-ply surgical mask

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Masks come in three standards - mask levels 1,2,3. Each level represents the capability and effectiveness of a mask in that class. The higher the level, the more protection a wearer will receive. You may ask then, why not only sell the highest level mask in the market? Well, the reason is you may not need high-level protection for daily life.


Wondering whether you should go for a 3-ply surgical mask instead of a cloth face mask? Understanding the three levels of face masks will help you make the decision.


Level 1: Suitable with proper social distancing

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For everyday life, a level 1 mask will be a good choice. However, you must maintain distance from large crowds in public spaces. A cloth mask or a procedure mask will do the job. When you compare level 1 vs level 3 surgical masks, you will notice that the level 3 mask is capable of filtering out more particles. At the same time, higher-level masks may compromise breathing. However, given the outbreak of COVID-19, it is best to use a 3-ply surgical mask rather than a cloth mask for extra protection, without compromising comfort.


Level 2: Suitable for proximity to crowds

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Level 2 masks offer more protection from air and droplet contagions. A typical surgical mask or a 3-ply surgical mask falls under the level 2 category. However, when you compare level 2 vs level 3 surgical masks, level 3 still offers more protection. In fact, level 1 masks mostly offer protection from droplet contagions. While on the other end of the spectrum, level 3 masks can prevent the spread of air-borne germs as well. Here is a reliable 3-ply Surgical Mask to protect you and your family.


Level 3: Suitable for interaction with infected individuals

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When it comes to the highest standard for protection, level 3 face masks take the cake. These masks are also known as N95 masks. They are mostly used by medical professionals at hospitals. With their ability to filter 95 percent of germs in the atmosphere, N95 protects nurses and doctors from getting infected. This allows these medical professionals to treat patients with highly communicable diseases like COVID-19, Varicella, and Tuberculosis. Only the best level 3 surgical mask can be used for such cases.


KN95 and KF94 are some alternatives to the N95 mask. You should try this KN95 Mask Kids to protect your children against corona infection.


Tips for choosing the right face mask

Now you know about the various types of masks available in the market. To help you decide which type of mask to buy, go through the tips mentioned below.  


1. Comfortability

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    This may not be the most important factor when looking for a face mask, but it is still very important. If you are not accustomed to wearing a face mask, you will find it very awkward for the first few days. While you are adjusting to it, the last thing you want is the mask to be uncomfortable. That will only discourage you from wearing your mask when stepping outside the house.


    Also, if the mask does not fit properly, you may have to constantly adjust it. Some people will find this irritating. In addition to this, readjusting your mask could increase your exposure to the virus. It is advisable to get XL size surgical mask to prevent these issues.  


    When looking for a face mask, ensure the following points for maximum comfort 

    • The ear loops should be elastic to fit your face perfectly, without being too tight.
    • Mask fabric should be soft to the touch so it does not cause discomfort, or worse, rashes and cuts. Cotton is a good fabric to consider for this.
    • Consider a lightweight design so you do not feel any pressure on your face.

    Here is the Best Surgical Mask Singapore that you can order online right now.


    2. Breathability

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      Many people avoid wearing masks due to breathing problems. Cheaper, improperly designed masks make it harder for the wearer to breathe. In the long run, this is not only uncomfortable but may even make you faint if you are running out of breath all the time.


      The catch here is this, for protection against COVID-19, a mask should have multiple layers which trap germs and dirt. But these extra layers also compromise breathing. This is why you should choose a mask made of breathable fabric. Some of the most breathable fabrics around are cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Rayon, and Linen.


      3. Protectability

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        In the prevailing pandemic, the primary role of a face mask is to protect its wearer from COVID-19. As discussed earlier, there are three safety levels of face masks. Level 3 offers the most protection. However, you do not need an N95 mask if you are only walking down the street.


        In fact, in the first few months of the pandemic, many markets ran out of N95 masks because everyone wanted to buy them. This meant fewer level 3 masks for doctors and nurses. So do not panic if you are wearing a level 2 or level 1 mask in public. As long as you maintain your distance and sanitise your hands, you will be fine.


        Alternatively, you can buy KF95 and KN95 masks. They work as effectively as N95. You may even choose a KF94 mask. The number on the mask signifies the filtration percentage. KF94 has a 94 percent particulate filtration. Check out this KF94 Mask Singapore. You can also browse these KF94 Mask Kids.


        Current Mask Regulations in Singapore

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        As per the latest guidelines by the Ministry of Health Singapore, only those above the age of 6 and attending an indoor setting outside their homes need to wear a mask. This announcement was announced on 29 March 2022.


        When it comes to outdoor settings, wearing a mask is optional, if you are more than 6 years old. But the government has also advised citizens to keep a mask on in crowded public areas. COVID-19 primarily spread through the transmission of droplets. Face masks effectively protect you from inhaling the virus-bearing droplets suspended in the surrounding air.


        However, people who engage in strenuous exercise indoors like cardio can remove their masks for easier breathing. But they must wear the mask again after the completion of their workout. The reason why mask-wearing is relaxed in outdoor spaces is due to better ventilation.


        These are the indoor spaces which wearing a mask is still mandatory –

        • Shopping malls, office buildings, elevators
        • Public transport like trains, buses, and planes
        • Crowded spaces like wet markets, coffee shops, hawker centres
        • Markets like shop houses, HDB retail shops
        • Education centres like schools, colleges, libraries


        Why should you still wear a mask although COVID-19 cases are not increasing drastically

        Luckily, these days COVID-19 cases are reducing all over the world. This has triggered the opening up of economies and public spaces. People are re-entering the streets and attending offices. This is a major reason why everyone should wear their face masks, even though there are fewer COVID-19 cases.


        Public places are more crowded now, meaning the risk of COVID-19 transmission is higher. Even if you are vaccinated and maintain proper social distancing, wearing a mask is still an important component of COVID-19 protection. For kids, it is advisable to use disposable mask. Wistech provides blue, white and black disposable mask for kids


        Moreover, if you are healthy you could still be a carrier of the virus and spread it to others. A face mask will prevent you from transmitting the infection to your family and friends. This is an important aspect of maintaining effective herd immunity.

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