Year End Holiday Singapore 2022: How Do You Pick A 'Safe' Travel Destination?
It's that time of year again. Christmas is just around the corner, and with it comes the age-old question: where should we go for our holidays? If you're like me, you want to go somewhere safe – nothing too crazy. But how do you pick a 'safe' travel destination? Here's a guide to help you make your decision.

What makes a travel destination 'Safe'?

The word safe

There is no one answer to this question, as what may be considered safe for one person may not be safe for another. However, here are five factors that are commonly taken into consideration when determining a destination's safety:

The political stability of the destination country
The level of crime and violence in the destination country
The quality of medical care available in the destination country
The standard of living in the destination country
The level of risk posed by natural disasters in the destination country

It's also important to remember that no destination is 100% safe, and it's important always to take precautions when traveling abroad. Some tips for staying safe while traveling include:

Research your destination before you go.
Avoiding areas that are known for being unsafe.
Always carry a copy of your passport and travel documents with you.

Where are popular 'Safe' travel destinations?

There are different risks in every travel destination, but here are a few examples of popular 'Safe' travel destinations you need to visit this holiday season:

1. South Korea

south korea

South Korea is a country that is known for its beautiful landscapes and its high-quality cosmetics. It is a safe and best holiday destination because it is a homogeneous society. It is one of the world's most ethnically and culturally homogeneous countries, with nearly all South Koreans sharing a common language, culture, and history. This cultural homogeneity has resulted in high social cohesion and safety.

South Korea also has low levels of crime and violence- however, travelers have reported petty crimes. In addition, it is a very prosperous country with an advanced economy and a high standard of living.

One of the reasons that South Korea is known for its beautiful landscapes is because it has a diverse range of terrains, from mountains to beaches. In addition, it boasts an extensive subway system, which makes it easy to get around the country.

2. Malaysia

Malaysia Twin Tower

Malaysia is a country that is rich in culture and natural beauty. Malaysia has something to offer everyone, from its stunning beaches and islands to its lush rainforests.

There are many reasons why Malaysia is a safe and great holiday destination. Malaysia is a multicultural country with diverse religions and cultures. This makes for a very tolerant society where locals generally welcome tourists. The country has also been spared the political unrest and terrorist attacks that have affected other parts of the region, making it a safer place to visit.

Another factor that contributes to Malaysia's appeal as a holiday destination is its natural beauty. Add to that an excellent infrastructure and value for money, and it's easy to see why Malaysia is so popular with tourists worldwide. You can book tickets using Transtar VTL to travel to Malaysia from Singapore! Check Malaysia travel requirements like VTL Malaysia or OCBC travel insurance before booking the tickets.

3. The United Kingdom

London Bridge

One of the most appealing aspects of the UK is its varied landscape. From the wild and rugged Scottish Highlands to the gently rolling hills of England, there is a huge variety of scenery to explore

There are many reasons why the United Kingdom is a safe and best holiday destination. Some reasons include the country's strong economy, efficient security, and excellent infrastructure.

The United Kingdom is also diverse, with a rich history and culture. There are plenty of things to see and do in the country, from visiting world-famous attractions like Buckingham Palace to exploring charming villages in the countryside.

The United Kingdom is well-known for its high living standard, making it a great place to visit with family or friends. The locals are friendly and welcoming, making it easy to feel at home while on holiday. The United Kingdom is excellent for a safe and enjoyable holiday experience.

4. Thailand


Thailand is a great holiday destination for many reasons, including its stunning beaches and laid-back atmosphere, but safety is often cited as one of the country's strongest points.

Thailand has long been considered a safe place to travel, and its low crime rate means visitors can enjoy their holiday without worrying about their safety. In addition, the Thai people are known for being warm and welcoming, making it easy to feel at home in this beautiful country.

Another key factor that makes Thailand a safe place to visit is that English is widely spoken throughout the country. Tourists can easily communicate with locals if they need help or guidance while traveling. And finally, as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Thailand boasts an extensive infrastructure with plenty of amenities and services available for travelers - from airports

5. Indonesia


From the lush rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo to the soaring volcanoes of Java and Bali, Indonesia is one of the most diverse countries in the world. With a population of over 250 million, Indonesia is a melting pot of cultures and religions.

Indonesians share a love of family, food, and music. The country is known for its beautiful mosques and temples, such as Borobudur Temple - one of the largest Buddhist temples in the world.

Indonesia is a safe and best holiday destination because it is a big country with more than 17,000 islands. Additionally, the country has diverse cultures and religions, so tourists will always find something to do and see.

Indonesia is also considered a safe destination because of its strong military presence. The Indonesian military is one of the largest in Southeast Asia and has successfully countered terrorist threats in the past. Furthermore, the government has prioritized improving safety and security for tourists. So you can feel confident while traveling in Indonesia.

6. Vietnam


Vietnam is a country rich in history and culture, and its people are incredibly friendly and welcoming.

It’s a safe and great holiday destination as the country is known for its low crime rate. Tourists can feel safe walking around the cities, even at night. Additionally, Vietnamese culture strongly emphasizes politeness and hospitality, so visitors are always greeted with warmth and friendliness. However, make sure to check Vietnam travel requirements before commencing your travel.

Another big selling point for Vietnam is its stunning natural scenery. The country is home to beautiful beaches, lush jungles, soaring mountains, and tranquil rice paddies. There's something for everyone to enjoy in Vietnam! Finally, Vietnamese food is some of the best in the world - so be sure to sample as much as possible while you're there!

7. Japan


Japan is a safe tourist destination for the same reasons that Vietnam is. Both countries are very safe and have low levels of crime.

Japan is considered one of the world's safest countries for tourists:
Japan has a very low crime rate. It is statistically safer to walk around at night in Tokyo than it is to do so in New York City.
The Japanese people are known for being incredibly courteous and helpful. They often go out of their way to assist tourists who are lost or need help navigating the city streets.
Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, and its infrastructure is extremely reliable.

Why should you only travel to a 'Safe' destination?


You should only travel to "safe" destinations for many reasons. Here are five of the most important ones:

To ensure your safety: This is the most obvious reason. By only traveling to safe destinations, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will be safe and sound throughout the journey.
To avoid becoming a victim of crime: Unfortunately, crime is a reality in many parts of the world. By avoiding unsafe destinations, you can minimize your chances of becoming a victim of crime.
To protect your health and well-being: Many unsafe destinations are also unhealthy, with poor sanitation and inadequate medical care.
To have a more enjoyable and worry-free trip: If you're constantly worrying about your safety, it's tough to relax and enjoy your vacation.
Because only some destinations are safe to visit: Many destinations are simply too dangerous to visit due to political instability, natural disasters, or other risks.

What should you do to increase protection throughout your travels

Family travel

Here are 7 tips to increase your protection when traveling:

For starters, always wear a mask – preferably KN95 masks Singapore or KF94 masks Singapore – when you're in areas with an increased risk of exposure to germs or respiratory illness. If you have kids, make sure to get them the surgical mask for kids Singapore.
Wear a seat belt whenever you're in a car.
Use sunscreen when outside, even on cloudy days.
Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and make you more susceptible to getting sick.
Stay away from sick people as much as possible.
Get vaccinated if you're going to a country with higher-than-average disease rates.
As a Singaporean, make sure to get a pre-departure art test Singapore or Singlife travel insurance for a safe journey.

Catch a flight, not COVID-19

Mask promotion

COVID-19 is a serious virus, and it's important to take the necessary precautions to avoid becoming infected. However, you can stay indoors and hide from the world.

You can do things to reduce your risk of exposure, like wearing a surgical mask Singapore when you're in public. And if you're traveling, make sure you're aware of the CDC's guidelines for travel during a pandemic.

So don't let fear of COVID-19 keep you from living your life. Just use common sense and take the necessary precautions, and you'll be able to enjoy your trip without worry.

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