Everything You Should Know About Christmas in Singapore 2022

Christmas is celebrated every day on the 25th of December to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Followers of the Christian faith across the world celebrate the event making the coming of Christ. Even non-Christians in many places join the celebrations.


Christmas is the highlight of the festive season celebrated across the world during December. The season peaks during Christmas and goes on until the New Year. Like in all countries, Singapore too celebrates Christmas.


People of Singapore across all religions and cultures celebrate the festive season. Singapore is a great place to celebrate the festive season. With a lot of celebratory events happening all over the city-state, you can be assured of having a great time.


What is Christmas in Singapore like?

 Christmas tree with lights

Christmas in Singapore is a public holiday. Christmas 2022 would be celebrated on Sunday, December 25th. For this reason, Monday the 26th would be a public holiday in Singapore.


In Singapore, Christmas is celebrated lavishly. People of Singapore love to shop and enjoy good food on this occasion. Christians observe the occasion with piety by visiting churches and participating in masses. Kids love to enjoy fake snow, playing with Santa Clauses, and getting gifts.


As you convey merry Christmas wishes 2022 to your loved ones, you can join them for a grand Christmas dinner 2022 at a restaurant of your choice. People love to enjoy a Christmas buffet 2022 at any of the top restaurants in the city.


Most people prefer to have Christmas lunch in Singapore 2022 at their homes with their families. People in Singapore cook their favourite dishes including turkey prepared with a unique local Asian twist.


A key aspect of Christmas in Singapore is the celebratory events that occur across the city. Apart from locals, tourists visit Singapore during the festive season to enjoy the celebrations. There are top events held at popular locations in the city. You can join in the revels at these places.


Top 10 Best Christmas events 2022 in Singapore


1) Beautiful blooms at Gardens by the Bay

 Gardens by the Bay Singapore

As a part of the Marina Bay Christmas celebrations, beautiful blooms are on display at Gardens by the Bay. The blooms or flowers on display are featured indoors as well as outdoors. Some of the top flowers that you can view during this season include Trumpet Pitcher Plant, Napoleon’s Hat, Hydrangea, Nun’s Orchid, and Peony.


Gardens by the Bay is one of the major attractions of Singapore. It is located at Marina Bay and is spread over 101 hectares of land. There are more than 21,000 plants belonging to 800 different species, including many exotic ones. The flower dome and the cloud forest are essential places when you visit Gardens by the Bay.


2) A merry universal Christmas at Universal Studio Singapore

 Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studio is a top attraction in Singapore with theme parks and other places to see. For Christmas 2022, Universal Studio is having festivities centered around two themes – Harry Potter and Grinchmas. An interesting attraction is a snowfall that happens every night at Hogsmeade.


Great food, shopping, and the Whoville entertainment shows are other attractions at Christmas in Universal Studios. You need a full day to enjoy the celebration which runs from late November to early January. Look for deals, so you get discount tickets for the big celebrations.


3) A magical Christmas Comedy Show

 Comedy Show

The magical Christmas comedy show is going to be held in December at the Black Box, Drama Centre Theatre on Victoria Street. The show duration is for 90 minutes without a break and usually starts at 8 pm. It is a show where you enjoy the festive season by having a good laugh. You can get to see some of the top comics of the city in action at the show.


Book tickets early as the show are expected to run for a few days only. While you visit the show, ensure you are protected by wearing the best KN95 mask Singapore. The COVID pandemic is not over and with many other viruses in the air, it is best to be masked and protect yourself.


4) Once Upon a Time on The Orient Express

 Blue Train

The Orient Express was one of the most well-known train routes more than a century ago. The ‘ Once Upon a Time on the Orient Express ’ is an exhibition running until January. It allows visitors to relive the experience of those who travelled on this historic train. They can visit the original train carriages and view various heritage items on this tour.


The exhibition is open from 10 am to 7 pm with extended hours on weekdays. Families can choose the family ticket bundle for SG $88 for 2 adults and 2 children. (Free for children under 3). It is a great way to celebrate Christmas along with family members


5) Ice Hotel Gallery at Snow City

 ice hotel

Snow City is a unique place in Singapore’s science centre. It allows visitors to experience snowfall throughout the year in an artificial environment. Snow city is a popular tourist destination. The Ice hotel gallery is an added attraction for visitors. It is a snow ice installation zone where there are a variety of ice palaces and sculptures on display.


It is apt that on Christmas you visit snow city and view these wonderful attractions. The Ice hotel also offers a daycation for visitors, so you can enjoy the entire day. If you love craft beers, you can enjoy them at the ice bar. Entrance to snow city covers a visit to this ice gallery and costs $26 for adults and $19 for kids. Closed on Monday. 


6) Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay

 Gardens by the bay Singapore

Christmas Wonderland Singapore 2022 celebration at Gardens by the Bay is one of the highlights of Singapore during the festive season. The Christmas Wonderland opens daily by 4 pm and remains open until 11 pm. Wonderland is expected to be open from 30th November to 26th December.


You can see the best Singapore Christmas decorations at Wonderland during the Luminaries Light Sculpture show. You can see the best Singapore Christmas lights 2022 display, which is a highlight of Wonderland. Kids would love the lights, as would adults. There are rides for kids, games, ice skating, and many other activities. This makes Wonderland an event not to miss for families.


7) Changi Festival Village

 Changi, the Jewel

The Changi Festive Village at the Changi airport has a lot of attractions on offer. Kids would relish the chance of a ride on the Dino Kart. Dino bounce is yet another attraction meant for kids. For dinosaur fans, the Dino carnival explores all about the mighty animals that roamed the earth millions of years ago.


Cloud9 Piazza offers a great experience for families who have a party in the clouds in tents. Glamping in the transit area is another cool experience at the festival village. The Robomaster workshops allow kids to learn robotics and AI. Each of the activities at the festive village is priced differently. You can get more information at the airport or by visiting the airport website.


8) Art Nooq Christmas Pop-up

 brushes and paints

Art Nooq is a private art jamming studio located behind the People’s park complex. This is the perfect place to learn art while relaxing. The Art Nooq Christmas popup is an exhibition featuring some of the best artwork from the studio’s artists. The Christmas popup will be held in Chinatown at Pearls Hills Terrace. There is no entry fee to this festival.


If you are an art lover, then this is the place to visit. Open from 10 am to 9:30 pm on weekends and 3 pm to 9:30 pm on weekdays, the exhibition is from 10th to 12th and 17th to 19th December. Enjoy a visit to see some creative works of arts and crafts.


9) The Bub Fair Holiday Pop-up

 Christmas store

Bub List & Accompany Co. presents this special pop-up for the holiday season. It is open from December 10th to 12th and then 17th to 19th from 10 am to 7 pm. The venue is Social Affinity, Kallang Bahru, L3. Top brands of Singapore have their presence at this specially curated shopping festival.


You can buy the tickets at the venue that come with a $5 voucher you can redeem. Some of the brands participating include House of Holly, Young Endeavours, Sunday Bedding, Little Joys Studio, Noah’s Toys, Elizabeth Little, and Candles of Light.


10) Ice Skating at Capitol Singapore and Chijmes

 Ice Skating

Chijmes on Victoria Street and Capitol Singapore are having a special ice skating event for the festive season. It is a great opportunity to enjoy skating on a specially created ice rink. Apart from ice skating, there are many other rides and events on.


This is yet another place for families to visit during the festive season. You can have a great time twirling, sliding, and skating on the ice rink. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.


Why do people celebrate Christmas?

 Christmas setting living room

Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. Incidentally, the 25th of December is not the day when Christ was born. The day was chosen nearly four decades after his birth. Emperor Justinian announced Christmas as a holiday to celebrate the birth of Christ.


There is an interesting reason why this day was chosen. This was the time when pagans would celebrate the winter solstice. This data was appropriate since it would allow followers of the pagan faith to join in the celebrations of the new festival. Later on, the pagan rituals were dropped and Christmas celebrated the birth of Christ.


People convey merry Christmas wishes to loved ones, friends, and neighbours. It is a season of celebration during the cold winter month. There is a symbolic meaning behind the date. It marks the beginning of the end of winter with the weather slowly changing and moving towards hotter days.


People sing carols and attend mass. They have a Christmas tree at home and decorate the tree as well as their home. Giving gifts is an important part of the tradition. They then enjoy a great repast with their family. Hanging out in the living room with a touch of cedarwood essential oil could really elevate the Christmas spirit. 


Stay safe and protect yourself during this festive season

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Enjoy the festive season with your loved ones. Visit any or all of the places listed above and have a great time. As you enjoy the celebrations, don’t forget to take care of your health. With dangerous viruses in the air, it is strongly recommended that you protect yourself and your family by wearing a surgical mask Singapore.


You can get the best quality KF94 mask Singapore, so you are protected from being infected by viruses. The festive season is meant for fun and enjoyment. Don’t allow viruses to spoil the fun. Be safe by wearing masks and enjoy Christmas 2022. Wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022.

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