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Halloween is celebrated as a beloved festival. Some people go for a late-night ride while others attend famous music festivals on Halloween. Some people would decorate their homes to suit the Halloween theme with the scent of Pumpkin Spice to enhance the Halloween Spirit. Even Pokémon fans have events like Halloween cup Research Pokémon Go to look forward to. There is something for all age groups during the Halloween season. 

If you live in Singapore or are planning to visit the country, check out these exciting Halloween events in town.

6 Exciting Halloween Outdoor Activities

1. Halloween Horror Nights at USS

universal studios singapore

The Halloween Horror Nights 2022 at Universal Studios is one of the highlights of this year’s festivities. Due to the coronavirus, the show was put on hold for two years. But this year, Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Singapore is back in town.

2022 will mark the 10th edition of USS Halloween 2022, a trend that took off in the year 2011. In 2021, the event only held an exhibition rather than its usual activities. To celebrate Halloween this year, Halloween Horror Nights has dedicated 19 nights to festivities and scares. The fun events will include laser tag, scare zones, haunted houses, a behind-the-scenes tour, and a fine dining experience.

Drop by Universal Studios Singapore between 30th September and 5th November 2022. For families with young children, USS has also organized a less scary day event which will last from 7th September to 6th November 2022.

 2. Superspook at SuperPark

a skull next to a lamp post

Between October 21st and 22nd, and 28th and 30th, SuperPark will hold its Superspook 2022 event. Superspook guarantees to scare the socks off you. The event can make even the Singapore Discovery Centre Halloween look tame. The team behind Superspooks warns of a haunted house experience like no other.

With so much hype, SuperPark has also issued many safety instructions. If you are planning to enter Superspook on Halloween 2022 you cannot do so in costumes. That means no Squid Game Halloween costume and no antlers. However, while at the premises you are expected to wear a mask for safety against infection. People with health conditions like heart problems and high blood pressure should not participate in Superspook.

Also, guests cannot carry any food or drinks inside the venue. Even flash photography is prohibited. Strict action can be taken against those who mistreat or attack the actors inside Superspook.

3. Fright Night at the Museum by Xperience DMC

carved pumpkin for halloween

This harrowing Halloween, Fright Night at the Museum brings you a host of exciting and scary events. Guests will hear the sad but terrifying tale of Rose, a Nyonya who met her tragic end in Joo Chiat. The walk will begin from the old Maternal and Child Clinic at Joo Chiat which was built in 1907. You will be led to Koon Sen Road next where many terrace houses wait to bewitch you.

The guide will then narrate the harrowing incident of Rose’s suicide in her house. Her house was left unoccupied for many years before it was finally reclaimed as the Peranakan Museum. Once you enter Rose’s old abode, you will hear more stories of how the place is still haunted by her past. Even the caretaker of Peranakan Museum will confess to witnessing Rose’s ghost within the premises.

While the horrors surround you, the guide will eventually reveal rare hidden Peranakan treasures inside the museum.

4. Zero Latency

Virtual Reality Shooting

This Australian VR Gaming company offers a great multiplayer and free-roaming Virtual Reality (VR) experience to Singaporeans. Zero Latency is the biggest VR gaming arena in the land of Singapore. Gaming fans around the globe recognize Zero Latency as a VR platform of international acclaim.

The arena itself has warehouse proportions, allowing up to 8 players to comfortably fit in and roam freely. Player headsets that project the virtual world can render 2k resolution visuals, providing a richly detailed world full of imagination and great graphics.

To suit the Halloween theme, Zero Latency has a collection of scary games like Undead Arena, Outbreak Origins, and Zombie Survival. Get your friends together, make your teams, and survive Halloween in 2022.

5. Once Upon a Halloween by Tiara Society

 Kids in Halloween Costumes

Moving on from scary experiences, the Tiara Society’s Once Upon a Halloween event offers a more wholesome time for kids and adults alike. Be ready to play fun games, enter scare rooms and enjoy spooky dance parties. To top it all off, tasty Halloween-inspired desserts and treats await you. You can also attend the photo shoot segment to capture the exciting memories from the event. Before the photo shoot segment, it is advisable to encourage your kids to wear surgical mask for kids in Singapore

6. Escape Room by Xcape Singapore

People in an escape room

Escape Rooms are inspired by scary rooms, but they also have an element of suspense. While stuck inside an escape room you need to put on your detective hats to figure out your escape plan. Needless to say, escape rooms make for an amazing Halloween experience. And what better place to try them than at the 8000 square feet Xcape Singapore? The area has over 52 chambers for games and around 10 game themes.

What to wear for your Spooky Halloween Adventure?

black surgical mask from Wistech

Halloween is all about dressing up as your favorite scary character. You could also cosplay as popular characters from movie franchises like No Time to Die. However, given that you live in the post-Covid era, it is important to wear your safety masks. If you are worried about spoiling your overall Halloween costume, go for something that complements it like the Black Surgical Mask by Wistech

Apart from that, Wistech offers the Best Surgical Mask in Singapore. Regardless of your child's costume, the 3-ply Surgical Mask and the KN95 Mask Kids will go well with the overall look. Whether your kid is dressed like a scary witch, a superhero Avenger, or Billie Eilish, the KF94 Mask Singapore and the KF94 Mask Kids will keep your children safe. In addition to that, these masks will also make them look cool.

For parents and adults, Wistech offers the good old KN95 Mask Singapore. It emphasizes safety while not compromising comfort and ease. Wistech has a full catalog of masks to choose from.

Conclusion: What is Halloween and why do we celebrate it?

A little history about Halloween, the first Halloween dates back 2000 years to the Celt-ruled United Kingdom. Celts were worshipers of Nature who found a special significance in the autumn season. In the olden times, the winter months could become deadly. Halloween, therefore, marked the end of the sunny summers and the beginning of the cold and scary winter months.

No matter how you would like to celebrate your Halloween, don't forget to mask up when you are both indoors and outdoors.

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