Top 10 Meaningful Teacher's Day Gifts 2022 in Singapore

Teacher’s day 2022 Singapore is coming up on the 2nd of September. It is always celebrated on the last Friday of the third academic term. The day is celebrated as a mark of respect and appreciation for teachers who play a special role in our lives. 

Teachers help to shape the future of students and hence having a celebration is apt. On this day show your appreciation for your favourite teacher by giving them a gift, thanking them for all they have done and have a great celebration.

What do you do for Teacher’s Day?Teacher high fiving a kid

There are different things you can do to celebrate Teacher’s day this year. The best thing is to give a gift that shows how much you care for your teacher. In this guide, we have unique teacher gift ideas for you. Apart from gifting, there are other ways to celebrate this occasion.

  •  Have an award ceremony where teachers are honoured for their dedication and hard work. You can give gifts as well as mementoes to teachers on this day.
  •  You can enjoy the day by having special games for teachers. Sit back and cheer your teachers participating in games
  •  Students can organise skits and plays for teachers. This is to allow them to relax and enjoy the day as you show your talent.
  •  You can have a role reversal where teachers sit in your places. Students can then take classes. This is an interesting way to show your appreciation for your teachers.

How much should you spend on your Teacher’s Day Gift?  

Whether you are buying a gift for teacher’s day or a birthday gift for a teacher, you need to plan it properly. There is no meaning if everyone gives the same gift. When you give the best gift for a teacher farewell, the gift must be special.

You need to have a budget for it. Students can either give individual gifts or pool in money to give the gift together. A question that arises is how much should you spend on the teacher’s day gift.

A teacher’s service is priceless, and you cannot fix a value for it. The gift is just a token of your appreciation for their efforts. You need not spend a huge amount of money. Even small gifts for teachers will be appreciated by them. It is not the price tag that matters but the thought behind the gifting. You can spend any amount from $10 to $20 for the gift.

10 Unique Teacher Gift Ideas

The gift to teachers from students should be special. It should be something they remember for a long time. This is why you need to select a unique gift that is different from the usual gifts that everyone gives.

To help you, we have suggestions for 10 unique gift ideas. You can choose any of them or even choose one idea for one teacher. These gifts will surely be appreciated by your teachers.

1. Happy Teacher's Day Promotion Bundle with Free Gift!teacher's day promotion bundle

    The best teacher gifts during covid are protective face masks. The deadly virus is still around and wearing masks is the best way to remain safe. You can gift your teacher a pack of the best quality KN95 protective face masks from Wistech. The masks are made to perfection and will ensure complete protection against viruses. 

    If you are planning to buy the same gift for many teachers, you can buy a pack of 5 boxes or even 13 boxes. You can get these products at a discounted price. The masks are available in black and white colours. Furthermore, Wistech has its own Teacher’s Day promotion, where you could pick any 4 Wistech Individually sealed mask and get yourself a free random Shiora’s Essential Oil. They are foldable, waterproof, and have an ear loop for easy adjustment. The disposable masks are available in 3 layers, which is an assurance that they will offer total protection.

    2. SHIORA Skinsafe Essential Oil (Upcoming)skinsafe essential oil


    Essential oils are aromatic products that emit a delightful fragrance. These are natural oils made from plant extract. They are a great gifting idea since they are better than spray scents made from chemicals. The additional bonus is that these essential oils can be used for aromatherapy. Inhaling the scents can help provide relief from anxiety and stress.

    Shiora’s skinsafe essential oils are available in roll-on form. The oil can be applied to the wrist, neck, or behind the ears. This is a quality product that is completely safe for use on the skin. The pleasant scent will make people take note of the wearer. Your teacher can inhale the scent and get the benefit of aromatherapy.

    3. SHIORA Starter Kit Travel Sizetravel size starter kit

    A complete fragrance kit is a great gift idea. Shiora is a leading fragrance company that offers various fragrances featuring naturally made essential oils. These oils are completely safe and offer various benefits. You can be assured of the best quality fragrance when you buy products from Shiora. The company is now offering a starter kit. The kit contains fragrances offered in 3 ml spray bottles. They come with strings and cards, so you hang them in the wardrobe.

    The starter kit is available in travel size. This means it can be taken with you wherever you go. You can easily pack and include it in your luggage when you travel anywhere. The starter kit has three types of essential oils. These oils are available in different fragrances like cedar wood, citronella, lemongrass, lavender, sandalwood peppermint, bergamot, etc. This is a perfect gift and your teacher remembers you every time they inhale the pleasant scents.

    4. Dental Care with DR BEIElectrical toothbrush

    It is very important to care for one’s teeth. There is various type of dental care products that can be given as gifts. Your teacher would appreciate receiving the best quality products made by Dr BEI, a reputed brand. An electric toothbrush is a great gift idea. It makes brushing easy and ensures the job is done thoroughly without having to put in much effort.

    A water flosser is another great gift option for teachers. It is a portable product that can be used anywhere to floss your teeth and keep them clean. Apart from electric toothbrushes, you can also find conventional toothbrushes. A teeth whitening kit is another dental care product that would make for a good gift. Dr BEI has a wide range of products to choose from when you want to select a gift for teacher’s day.

    5. Custom-made ClipboardsClipboards with plants and bottles

    A clipboard is a stationery item that one associates with teachers. A teacher would have many papers to carry around. From assignment papers to question papers, there are plenty of papers a teacher would have. A clipboard is useful to carry papers around. A unique gift idea for teachers is to get a custom-made clipboard. You can customise the clipboard before gifting it.

    Customising makes the gift more personalised. You can buy clipboards in any store and they all look the same. When you customise the clipboard, it becomes a special gift for your special teacher. You can customise by adding your teacher’s name on the clipboard. You can even put the school name and logo, and also any other message that you want to convey. This will ensure the teacher will remember you every time they look at the clipboard.

    6. Customised Printed Mugcoffee mug

    A mug in which your teacher would drink tea or coffee is a good gifting idea. Such mugs are available dime a dozen, and you may wonder whether it would be an apt gift. The answer is yes when it is customised. When you customise the mug, you can include your teacher’s name on it and even their photo. This would make the mug a very special one. Your teacher will remember you every time they use the mug.

    Growth in printing technology has made this a reality. You can even place your order online and get it delivered. You can design the mug yourself and decide what you want to include. A class photo would be a good idea. You can include your wishes in it or a simple ‘Happy Teacher’s Day 2022’.

    7. Visually Creative Drinkwareclassic and simple drinkware

    Apart from a mug, there is plenty of other drinkware you can consider gifting to your teacher. Visually creative drinkware makes for great gifts. You can find online stores that sell such drinkware. The glasses would be attractively designed. There would also be options to customise the design to include your message.

    Make use of colours, patterns, and even images to create drinkware that looks stylish. They would make an excellent gift for teacher’s day that your teacher would cherish.

    8. Personalised Tote BagPersonalised tote bag

    A tote bag is a very handy gift for a teacher. It can be used for multiple purposes. Your teacher can bring it to school and carry their belongings in it. The bag can be used as a grocery bag while shopping. Most tote bags are environmentally friendly and make for a great gift idea. They are comfortable and stylish to carry. The bags also appear stylish and would be a good gift.

    Personalising the tote bag would make it a better gift. You can print a personal message on the tote bag to make it a special gift. You can include your wishes on the occasion of teacher’s day along with a special message. Choose a bag that is colourful and looks attractive. You can even include a class photo in the bag design. This would make for a memorable gift that your teacher would love. The bag would make your teacher remember you every time they see it.

    9. Home-Baked Cookieshome-baked cookies

    Who doesn’t love delicious cookies? We are not talking about cookie boxes bought from the market. Home-baked cookies are not only healthy and tasty but a way of letting your teacher know how much you care. Baking a cookie is no rocket science. All you need is access to an oven and some ingredients. You can find videos that tell you how to do it. So, go ahead and bake plenty of cookies for your teacher.

    What counts is not the shape, size, or appearance of the cookies but the love you want to convey through them. Your teacher will know students have put in a lot of effort to bake cookies and will appreciate the gift. Once the cookies are baked, pack them in a box with a special message written in it. Use wrapping papers, smileys, and other designs to make the gift look attractive.

    10. Sentimental Handwritten Letterhandwritten letter with flowers

      Here is a gift idea that costs no money. All it needs is for you to open your heart out on paper. A thank you letter can be a truly valuable gift. It is a memorable and priceless gift especially when written well. All other gift items are products that have an expiry date. They would be probably thrown away once their time us up. But a teacher would never throw away a sentimental letter from students.

      Avoid the impersonal printouts, instead, write the letter by hand. Choose a student who has the best handwriting to write on behalf of all of you. Get good quality paper and pen down your appreciation of the teacher. Explain what the teacher means to you and how they made learning a different experience. Express your heartfelt thanks and the letter will be one that your teacher will treasure forever.

      Greatest Tip to plan for your Teacher's day Gift

      Here is a useful tip to help you plan your teacher’s day gift. It is better if you talk to your friends while choosing the gift since you probably would be gifting together. Try to find out the interests of your teacher and then choose the gift accordingly. If your teacher likes fragrances, then the Shiora starter kit would be a great option.

      If you notice that your teacher’s bag has become old, then a tote bag would be the best option. If your teacher has everything, then a sentimental handwritten letter would be the best gift. Plan

      properly and give a memorable gift that would make teacher’s day 2022 a special occasion. You can get started today by shopping online for the gift of your choice.

      No matter how you would like to celebrate your Teacher’s day, don’t forget to mask up when you are indoors in school!

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