Top 10 Upcoming Events And Concert In Singapore 2022

It's events and concert season in Singapore. It is the time of the year when plenty of events are held. If you love attending events, then you are bound to have a great time. Make sure you keep yourself free, so you can enjoy all your favourite events and concerts.


Check out the list of the most anticipated events and concerts we have curated for you. The upcoming concerts in 2022 feature concerts by eminent personalities like Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish. The list we present has complete information on all events and concerts that are coming up this year.

 Upcoming Events in Singapore 2022

1) Singapore Expo

 A sign expo

The Singapore Expo is the largest convention centre in Singapore. It is the venue for many events held throughout the year. It’s an amazing place, and you will enjoy attending events here. A few of the upcoming events at this venue include:


  • Malaysia Fest 2022: The fest is being planned from 25th to the 28th of August 2022. This consumer exhibition features Malaysian products and foods.
  • World Food Fair 2022: This gastronomic event will be held from the 15th to the 18th of September. You can feast on some of the most delicious foods and enjoy a great shopping experience.
  • Natural Disaster Expo 2022: This exhibition to be held on the 7th and 8th of December 2022 helps you understand all you want to know about natural disasters and their mitigation.

Remember since the event will be indoors, don't forget to bring your 3-ply surgical mask along. 

2) Science Centre Singapore

 a kid learning about science

The Science Centre in Singapore creatively promotes science education. Whether it is school kids, teens, or adults, a visit to the science centre can help transform your minds. There are plenty of things to do at the science centre like the laser maze challenge, mirror maze, dialogue with time, butterflies up-close, and the Da Vinci exhibition.


You will not realise how time flows when you visit all these attractions. It is an opportunity to learn while having fun. The centre is open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm. It is just an 8-minute walk from the Jurong East MRT. Don’t miss out on visiting the Omni theatre and Snow city to have a great time during your visit.

Ensure that your kids are always wearing masks such as KN95 masks kids or KF94 masks kids

3) Anime Events Singapore

 a cosplayer

There are plenty of Anime Events Singapore planned this year. If you are an anime fan, then these are events not to be missed. The prime event planned is the Anime Festival Asia scheduled to be held from November 25th to 27th. It is one of the Suntec events 2022 scheduled to be held at the Suntec Convention Centre.


Apart from this festival, there are many other anime events including:


  • The ODEX film festival Anime Matsuri will be held on September 3rd at D’ Marquee.
  • Another event scheduled from 3rd to 11th September is the Singapore Cosplay Club show at the Harbour Front Centre.
  • From 25th to 27th November, the C3 Anime Festival Asia would be held at the Suntec Centre.


4) Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

 ferrari f1 car

If you are a racing fan, then don’t miss out on the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2022 to be held on the 1st and 2nd of October 2022. The event is considered to be one of the most challenging among all the Formula one tracks.


You can check the Formula 1 schedule 2022 on their website and buy the Formula 1 tickets Singapore 2022 in advance. Buy your tickets in advance, so you get to enjoy the thrilling action. You can watch champion drivers in action in one of the top sporting events in the world.

Everyone will be seated very close to one another, therefore ensure that you are wearing protective masks throughout the race.


5) Dota 2. The International 11

 a gamer

The Dota 2 TI Singapore will be held in October this year. The International 11 is an esports tournament and this year will be one of the largest events. The qualifiers will happen from October 8th to 12th, while the group stage will happen from October 15th to 18th. The Playoffs will happen from October 20th to 23rd. It will be held at Suntec.


The most exciting finals would be held on October 29th and 30th at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Ticket sales commenced on August 13th. The ticket price for the finals is SG $498 and SG $88 for the playoffs. This is a premier tournament and spectators would be coming from across the world. Book your ticket now to avoid being disappointed.


Upcoming Concerts in Singapore 2022


6) Billie Eilish. Happier Than Ever. The World Tour 2022


Billie Eilish is a top American singer popular across the world. Her Happier Than Ever World Tour is the sixth such tour she is performing on. The Billie Eilish Singapore 2022 concert is part of the Asian leg of her tour. The tour that runs throughout the year would cover the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The concert in Singapore is scheduled to be held on the 21st of August 2022.


The venue of this exciting concert would be the Singapore National Stadium. Eilish is one of the leading pop artists in the world and her shows are in great demand. Book your tickets immediately to avoid missing out on the chance of attending a great concert. Ticket prices start from SG $130 and go on up to SG $310. 


7) Formula 1 Concert Singapore Grand Prix

 stage with fireworks

The Formula 1 race is one of the top sporting events to be held this year in Singapore. As always, the Grand Prix features a concert on September 30th during the race weekend. Top performers like Rihanna and Katy Perry have performed at previous editions of the concert. This year’s concert also features top performers and this is an event everyone is waiting for.


On Friday after the practice games, Marshmello will be performing at the concert. Saturday’s concert would be by the Irish boyband Westlife. They are performing after a 6-year break and there is a lot of interest in this concert. Sunday’s closing performance will be by Green Band, the punk group from the US. Buy your tickets online today, only limited numbers are available.


8) Justin Bieber Justice World Tour 2022

 crowd looking at the stage

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer who started as a teen idol and is today one of the top pop musicians in the world. The Justin Bieber Singapore concert is part of his Justice World Tour 2022. His Singapore concert is scheduled for the 25th of October 2022. The venue for the concert is the National Stadium.


The tour is named after Bieber’s hit album ‘Justice’ which already has 9 billion streams worldwide. VIP packages are available along with regular tickets that you can purchase online. Ticket pricing starts from SG $298 and goes on up to SG $348. The VIP basic package is priced at SG $388 and includes memorabilia and VIP merchandise, along with a reserved seat ticket.


9) Maroon 5 World Tour 2022

 playing a guitar

Maroon 5 is an internationally acclaimed American band. The band features singer Adam Levine along with other talented musicians. The 2022 world tour is the 12th such tour by the band. The Maroon 5 Singapore 2022 concert is scheduled for the 28th of November and the venue of the concert is the National Stadium.


Ticket sales for the Singapore concert have not yet commenced and would start shortly. You can keep your eyes open and visit their website to find out when the sales would start. Grab your ticket, so you can be part of a scintillating event. Maroon 5 is one of the top artists who have sold more than 135 million records. The last album they released was Jordi in 2021.


10) Jay Chou Carnival World Tour

 a microphone

Jay Chou is a popular Taiwanese singer known as the King of Mandopop. He is one of the top artists from Taiwan who is popular across the world. The Jay Chou Singapore concert is part of his Carnival World Tour. The concert is scheduled to be held on the 17th and 18th of December 2022 at the Singapore National Stadium.


Ticket sales for the concert have already commenced and you can buy the tickets online now. Ticket prices for the concert start from SG $218 and go on to SG $388. The ticket price excludes the booking fee, which is SG $4 per ticket. The tour is a vaccinated-only event. Consequently, you need to provide proof of having been vaccinated failing which entry is not allowed.


Stay Safe When You are Enjoying these Events

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Now that you know the list of events and concerts, you can plan which events you want to attend. Have an enjoyable time at these events. At the same time, stay safe at the events and concerts. There would be lots of people at the events and with many viruses around, you need to be protected. Stay protected by wearing the best surgical mask Singapore.


A 3-ply surgical mask will ensure you are protected from any virus that may be around. Make sure you order the best quality KN95 mask Singapore or KN94 mask Singapore. Ensure you have masks for all your family members. Get the KN95 mask kids or KN94 mask kids for your children, so they are safe and secure.

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