Places to visit during Chinese New Year in Singapore 2023

Like every culture, the Chinese New Year is a traditional holiday for the Chinese. Anyone with Chinese roots likes to celebrate their tradition on their New Year. They celebrate the coming of the New Year for about sixteen days. And not only China, but different countries also celebrate the Chinese New Year. Countries and cities which have a significant Chinese population host wonderful events and functions and Singapore is one such place. It is one of the top 5 destinations around the world where you can go to welcome the Chinese new year 2023.


What is Chinese New Year? 

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The Chinese New Year has other names too. Some countries celebrate this time as the ‘Lunar New Year’ or the ‘Spring Festival.’ The unique fact about the Chinese New Year is that it falls on different days in different years. It is celebrated either toward the end of January or the first half of February. The date depends on the new lunar cycle or the ‘New Moon.’ Therefore, the name ‘Lunar New Year.’


Interested to know more about the Chinese New Year? It is of course not celebrated by following the Gregorian calendar but by the Lunar calendar. The cycles of the moon determine the time for the New Year celebrations. There are approximately 354 days and 12 entire cycles of the moon in a lunar year. The Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar, which is why the New Year falls in the same period but not on the same day every year. 


The Chinese New Year is also known as the ‘Spring Festival’ and is China’s biggest festival. This is because it coincides with the arrival of Spring. The Chinese New Year celebrations mark the beginning of spring.


What is the Chinese New Year 2023 zodiac? 

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Chine astrology has 12 zodiac signs, represented by 12 animals. According to it, the Chinese New Year 2023 zodiac is the fourth sign, i.e. the Rabbit or Water-Rabbit. Every year is designated to be the year of one zodiac sign. 2022 is the year of the Tiger. Similarly, 2023 is the Rabbit year and the dates for the lunar year 2023 are January 22, 2023 – February 9, 2024.


2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit and following the Lunar calendar, it begins on 22nd January. After the winter solstice, the first New Moon will appear then. The last day of the year of the rabbit zodiac sign will be on 9th February 2024. 


As we are soon going to step into the next Lunar New Year, let’s see what the coming zodiac sign means. The Rabbit is a symbol of luck and patience. Therefore, in that year all you need to do is plan your steps carefully and you are going to be successful in your endeavors. 


The rabbit will be a good influence on those who are too rash or impractical. The fourth zodiac is a reminder that the New Year can bring us success and peace. The element of this zodiac sign is water, and hence the year is expected to be calm and gentle year. The time will be apt for repositioning the inner balance. The Year of the water Rabit is for relaxing, observing, introspecting, and planning for the future.


Where are the places to visit during the Chinese New Year 2023 in Singapore?


The Chinese New Year Holidays are a 7-day affair in China where they celebrate with much pomp and vigor. The celebrations for the New Year start on New Year’s Eve and continue till the Lantern Festival. Therefore, the celebration ends on the sixth day of the Chinese calendar 2023.


Singapore is one of the top destinations for experiencing Chinese New Year celebrations. Since the 22nd of January is a Sunday, the 23rd and 24th of January have been marked as the Lunar New Year holidays in the list of Singapore public holidays 2023. There will be a 4-day long weekend and plenty of celebrations. 


Planning to be a part of the celebrations? You should know about the best places to visit during the Chinese New Year 2023 in Singapore. Here are the top 5 ways to enjoy the celebrations in Singapore:


Chinatown Official Light Up and Opening Ceremony

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Chinatown in Singapore gets lit up with street lanterns for the New Year celebration. The lights are kept on every evening till midnight on the days running up to New Year's day. The decorations reflect the theme or the zodiac sign of each year. For the last 20 years, Singapore decks up its Chinatown for the festivities. Singaporeans and tourists from different countries get a glimpse of Chinese culture. 


The Chinatown Festivals Organising Committee arranges this show of lights and decorations with the help of the Singapore Tourism Board. If you are in Singapore for the Chinese New Year celebrations, you should really try to attend the official opening ceremony. You can follow the Chinatown Festivals’ Facebook page for details about the Chinatown Official Light Up and Opening Ceremony. Expect ethnic dance performances, opera, orchestra performances, and fireworks.


You can also step inside one of the restaurants and pubs of Chinatown to enjoy a special dinner.


Street Light Up - New Bridge Road, Eu Tong Sen Street, and South Bridge Road

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Soak in the spirit of cheer and joy as you enjoy the decorations at Eu Tong Sen Street, New Bridge Road, and South Bridge Road. While you are at the South Bridge Road, do not forget to exchange rabbit Chinese new year greetings with people of the local Chinese community. The students of the Singapore University of Technology and Design spend days brainstorming about how to make the streets absolutely dazzling with different designs of decorations and lights.


Don’t forget to hit up the Chinatown Street Market after you are left awestruck by larger-than-life lanterns. The Festive Street Bazaar spans Pagoda Street, Sago Street, Smith Street, Temple Street, and Trengganu Street and the stalls remain open till late, tapping into people’s festive mood. But check the official website to know if the market festival will be held for this New Year as it did not take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic the last two years. 


Chinese New Year Short Films


Okay, so this is not a recommendation of a place, but how to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Did you know watching Chinese New Year Short Films has almost become a traditional or usual way of spending New Year's Eve? During the pandemic, these Lunar New Year films provided cheer to a lot of people during the New Year time.


If you are an introvert or lack the energy to go outside for celebrating, enjoy watching Chinese New Year Short Films while enjoying a reunion dinner with your family at home. Some short films are ‘Back to the FU-ture‘, ‘Call Me Steady’, ‘Key to Happiness’, ‘Nian’, ‘The Comeback’, ‘The Visitor List’, and ‘Little Tiger’. There are plenty of pages giving great suggestions of perfect Chinese New Year movies to watch. 


Chinese New Year Goodies Workshop

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Celebrations are hardly complete without sweet treats and delectable goodies. As the Chinese New Year approaches, you will find plenty of announcements for the Chinese New Year Goodies Workshop. Some of these workshops are held during the Lunar New Year holidays and you can attend one of them to spend the Chinese New Year uniquely. Get hands-on training on how to make cookies, biscuits, and other goodies. And you may also learn how to make the dough, roll, and cut it according to your need. 


Even Universal Studios Singapore has held the Tang Yuan Workshop teaching how to make these treats. You might also be interested in a non-food workshop like making lanterns. So start hunting for your ideal Chinese New Year Goodies Workshop now.


Fireworks at Marina Bay

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Marina Bay is one of the top destinations for people to watch the spectacular fireworks on New Year’s eve, both according to the Gregorian and the Lunar calendar. And for the Chinese New Year, the River Hongbao festival is usually held at The Float @ Marina Bay. But now for the last couple of years, it has been shifted to Gardens by the Bay. 


The cultural events and entertainment make the Esplanade Waterfront Promenade the best place to be with family members. Here you will find restaurants selling traditional Chinese fares. In addition to the music and dance performances, there are also amusement rides, 


And for enjoying the fireworks at Marina Bay, you can come down to the shore, or watch it from the Singapore Flyer or a highrise. The grand pyrotechnics display after the countdown will leave you mesmerized. But as you immerse yourself in the crowd and merriment, don‘t forget to put on a surgical mask Singapore. It will save you from pollution and germs.


Top 5 travel locations during Chinese New year 2023

Many countries declare public holidays for the Lunar New Year, especially East Asian countries. There is a Chinatown in most Southeast Asian countries with a thriving Chinese community. And few such places have iconic Chinese New Year celebrations. Usher in the Chinese New Year 2023 in one of the following Top 5 travel locations amidst fireworks, parades, and much more:




Almost 1/4th of the Malaysian population consists of Chinese descendants. Therefore, the Chinese New Year is an important holiday here too. Shopping centers selling food and clothing items start getting crowded. People in Malaysia still exchange greeting cards to wish each other on this day. The Chinese New Year celebrations end with the Chap Go Mei event. Different Chinese traditions like family reunion dinners and hanging Duilians at the main entrance are followed by the Chinese residents. The best places for memorable Chinese New Year celebrations are Kuala Lumpur, the island of Penang, Central Market, Maxwell Hill, Sabah, Jonker Street, Langkawi, Sunway Pyramid, and Thean Hou Temple.




Why China has earned a spot in this list is a no-brainer. The Spring Festival is China’s most important festival. For experiencing traditional Lunar New Year traditions, visit the historical cities of Beijing, Xi’an, and Pingyao. Guangzhou, Harbin. All the famous Chinese sightseeing spots like the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and Tiananmen Square start teeming with tourists and local citizens. Obviously, the Chinese New Year is celebrated at enormous scales throughout China. For New Year celebrations steeped in culture, visit Langzhong Ancient Town (Sichuan Province), Luoping (Yunnan Province), Xiahe County (Gansu Province), and Victoria Harbor (Hong Kong).




This is another destination for a wholesome cultural experience. The Lunar New Year is also Taiwan’s most important holiday but the celebrations are muted and much low-scale here. The celebrations are still very traditional and homely and have not become commercialized. Even most of the restaurants remain closed during New Year’s Eve and day. But there are different festivals around this time like the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival, Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung, and Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival. Otherwise, you can visit the top tourist spots like famous temples or spend time shopping at the Dihua Lunar New Year Market.


South Korea

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“Seollal” or the Lunar New Year is an important holiday in South Korea. The celebrations typically go on for three days. It is a time when the people of South Korea celebrate with their families by paying respect to the elders, eating traditional food, and playing traditional games. But now there are many performances and celebrations which take place during the Chinese New Year.




Japan does not celebrate the Lunar New Year anymore but it remains a popular destination for spending the Chinese New Year. Many Chinese people are living in different Chinatown areas of Japan. So if you want to see how Chinese New Year 2023 will be celebrated in Japan, try visiting Chukagai Yokohama, Nankinmachi Kobe, and Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown. You can also visit Chinatown in Ikebukuro or Tokyo Tower for fun and vibrant celebrations and events. You will enjoy the lion dances, lantern festivals, fireworks, and processions to mark the Chinese New Year.


Always be prepared when travelling overseas or even celebrating Chinese New Year in Singapore

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So, we suppose you seriously intend to visit Singapore for the Chinese New Year. But please be equipped with safety gear like a KF94 mask singapore when visiting Singapore for the holidays. Wistech health news Singapore has recently suggested that there is still a Covid wave going on. Therefore, always use safety masks like the KN95 mask Singapore. With these, you can very easily keep yourself safe from being infected while you have a gala time at the Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore. And take safety precautions whenever you are traveling abroad, or wherever for welcoming the Lunar Year 2023. Wistech Singapore wishes you ‘xin nian kuai le’, i.e. Happy New Year. May the coming Lunar New Year be a blessed one for all!

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