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This year, happening on the 19th, Father's Day is the best chance for you to show how much you appreciate, care for, and love your dad. Keep reading to find out gift ideas with promotion in Singapore!
Best surgical mask Singapore Father's Day promotion

Surgical Mask Singapore KF94 Mask N95 Mask 

For dads who meet many people daily, quality masks are the best choice. Good masks can prevent the spread of virus and can wear comfortably.
WISTECH masks are licensed by HSA and they are certified as FDA and CE. These high quality masks are designed for working men and women with adjustable nose bridge, elastic earloops, and ultrasonic welding.
Get certified masks (surgical mask, KF94 masks, KN95 masks) with various colours at an affordable price today! 
Best Reed Diffusers Singapore, Strong Essential Oils Father's Day special bundle promotion

Best Reed Diffusers Singapore, Strong Essential Oils

Emotions have a scent, influencing the atmosphere and your mood. Refreshing Peppermint Reed Diffuser has a playful and uplifting aroma, making it a perfect buddy to stay focused while relieving stress.
A range of Natural and pure essential oils and reed diffusers can be chosen as a gift to your dad, too! Benefits of essential oils include lavender aroma that decreases blood pressure, and citrus scents like orangeslemongrass, eucalyptus and citronella will improve cognitive performance and mood. Overall, the best  essential oil would be a valuable and meaningful gift for your dad!
Enjoy a bundle of scents at a discounted price from a luxury brand here! Pure essential oil bundle from Shiora or curated Reed diffuser will be the best present for beloved dads who need a suitable environment to work from home. 
Electronic Toothbrush Best Oral Care for Men

Electronic Toothbrush Best Oral Care for Men

Dental care is crucial for overall health care, especially for adults whose health issues are often caused from dental plaque and infections. One of the key ways to preventing and controlling gum disease is brushing thoroughly around and under the gum line, where bacteria and plaque accumulate over time. 
Enjoy ongoing promotion at WISTECH Dr.BEI series this Father's Day, with a wide range of oral care products from electric toothbrush, portable dental water flosser, and dental whitening equipment. Special features such as ultra-fine bristles deep cleaning, speedy and powerful sonic motor, wireless charging, and noise reduction make it a worthy gift for your dad! Visit their website here and get your dad a super cool oral care products!