Beware of Purchasing Counterfeit Wistech Surgical Masks

Wistech ensures the quality and the originality of its products on the market, to fight the spread of imitations. Here are 3 ways to distinguish our Wistech Masks from counterfeits.

1) Verification Label: Authentic Wistech Masks should have a Verification Label on the top right hand of the boxes. You're able to check the authenticity of Wistech Masks just by scanning the unique QR code on the verification label. 

2) Authentication SealAuthentication Seal that seals the Mask Box. All Wistech Surgical Masks Boxes should have a seal. Such seal helps to ensure our products are of top quality and detect contamination, either accidental or deliberate.

3) Device Identifier: Device Identifier should be included on the box which includes having a proper expiry date and company name. All these should be clearly stated and printed on Wistech Masks Boxes. 

We urge all customers to exercise caution and only purchase from Wistech Authorised Distributors. Do keep a look out for these indications to purchase Authentic Wistech Masks. Should you have any doubt, contact us for further assistance.