Wistech x Be Kind SG Sponsorships

Although wearing masks has become optional, prevention is always better than cure.

Wistech has reached out to Be Kind SG, a volunteer-led group, to take part in 'give back to the community' activity. Founded in 2017, Be Kind SG's mission is to create and inspire a kind and inclusive society for persons with invisible disabilities, such as intellectual disabilities and autism. Be Kind SG is registered as a non-profit organization (Company Limited by Guarantee).

Last week, we were happy to have sponsored 2 groups of communities with Wistech surgical masks!

Moral Welfare Home

Moral Welfare Home is a purpose-built facility that cares for the destitute suffering from multiple disabilities. About 80% of the residents are intellectually disabled. The Home provides holistic care in an institutional environment that empowers residents to lead meaningful lives.

As it is a residential place, we were not able to go in to personally pass our masks to the residents there.

We hope our Wistech masks will be a useful resource for all the residents there to stay healthy!

moral welfare home

wistech sponsor masks to moral welfare home

moral welfare home entry gate


Play.Able is a toy/play library for children with special needs (enrolled in early intervention or MOE special education schools) and their caregivers. We provide toys and educational resources that the caregiver can borrow to support their child's development.

This pilot project is run by Be Kind SG and Friends of ASD Families, 2 volunteer-led groups, and supported by the Majurity Trust SG Strong Fund

On the day of delivery, it was unfortunate that we were not able to greet the children at Play.Able, however, we are excited of the fact that we managed to contribute even just a little bit to the non-profit activities Be Kind SG is putting much efforts in! 

be kind sg founder and wistech masks

Thanks Be Kind SG again for this opportunity and we believe that kindness will always spread kindness!